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Clean Master Pro APK

Clean Master Pro APK is the best tool to clean all your Junk files from a mechanical device. The untrusted application can automatically inject into your device viruses and Malware. It happens often when the user is searching for the application and accidentally click the download button for an unwanted file that contains Malware. The unwanted application icon may look similar. But when the user installs the application it's completely different. And now when the user tries to Uninstall the application it's not uninstalling because the Malware is already controlling your device. Besides that, there are several ways that the Malware can quickly enter your device without you even knowing it through websites, apps, etc.


So, in that case, you definitely need a Guard for your device. Therefore, I am introducing Clean Master Pro APK Tool to you. This is the best tool to destroy all the malware from your mechanical devices. Clean Master Mod APK is the best Optimized tool to clean all the Malware from your devices. It enhances the performance of your device by Cleaning all your junk files, notifications, Phone Boost, residual files, cache files, virus checking, etc.

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More about Clean Master Pro APK

A lot of time some users start to get a headache when they see that the ram is overflowed. And in this headache, they unknowingly delete the necessary files to free up RAM space. At that time the user visits the difference but after some time he realizes the same overflowed again and this time there are all the necessary files the user needs. So, in that case, Clean Master Mod APK cleans the unwanted files efficiently which is making your ram overflowed and make your device run smoother.

Main Features of Master Clean Pro APK

Junk Files Cleaner

  • Save a lot of space by cleaning junk files from your device.
  • Gives more space by cleaning duplicate photos, documents, files, etc.
  • One tap super cleaning mood enhances the device's performance effectively.
Junk Cleaned APK

Best Antivirus

  • It provides free antivirus which scans viruses on your device for free.
  • It automatically detects the malware application before installing it on your device.
  • Check viruses daily keeps your device clean and fast.
Secure Wi-Fi

  • Protects against fake and unauthorized Wi-Fi networks.
  • Protects your device data from stealing by fake Wi-Fi.
  • You can safely and easily connect with public Wi-Fi because Clean Master Pro is Installed in your device to protect you against synthetic Wi-Fi.
Device Booster

  • The One tap Boost feature instantly enhances device performance and makes it more efficient.
  • Clean master Mod APK cleans background apps which is inactive for a long time making the currently running application smoother.
  • It cleans unnecessary RAM and frees up the device by cleaning all the unwanted background usage.
One tap speed booster

Battery Saver

  • Enhance battery life by cleaning all the unwanted background high battery-consuming applications.
  • The One-touch battery-saving feature highly optimized the battery life on your device.
Game Chief

  • If you are a game lover and have a lot of games installed on your device. Then, there is a chance of Malware entering your device. But, by having Clean Master Mod APK you can enjoy the best gameplay of all time.
  • The game boosting feature efficiently increases game performance through high and Stable FPS and smooth gameplay.

CPU Cooler

  • A lot of background running high CPU using applications can make your device a wireless heater.
  • Clean Master Pro APK cleans all the unnecessary background running applications making the CPU cool which effectively enhances device performance.
CPU Cooler APK

Notification Cleaner

  • There are some notifications like ads that can contain viruses. So, Clean Master Pro APK cleans that notification making your device malware free.

App Lock Feature

  • There are some sensitive apps on your device which you don’t want to show to anyone. So, by using the app lock feature of Clean Master Mod APK you can set specific passwords for specific applications effectively making your application secure.
Permissions of Clean Master Pro APK

  • Location

This application asks you to access your location.

  • Personal Info

Required Email address and User IDs

  • App activity

App interaction and Installed apps.

  • Web browsing

Analytics, Fraud prevention, security, and compliance, Personalization

  • App info and performance
  • Device or other IDs

Additional Information on Clean Master Pro APK

Name :                 Clean Master Pro APK
Category :Tools
Version :
Uploaded By :
Updated On :25-10-2022
Size :22.0 MB
Available On :InfoDoze

How to download Clean Master Pro APK?

  • Click on the download link for the Android version of the app.
  • The file will automatically begin downloading onto your device.
Clean Master Pro APK Download

  • Once the download is complete, open up the Downloads folder on your device and locate the APK file.
  • Tap on the APK file to begin the installation. You should allow Unknown Sources in your device's settings if this is your first time installing an APK from outside of the Google Play Store.
  • Follow any prompts that come up during installation and launch the app once it's finished!


Q. Is Clean Master Pro safe?

Ans. Clean Master Mod is totally safe to download and install on your device.

Q. Who is the owner of Clean Master?

Ans. Stephen Mulvenna.

Q. Why can’t I Install the Clean Master Pro APK?

Ans. To install Clean Master Pro APK you need to uninstall the previous version installed on your device.


Clean Master Pro APK is the best-optimized tool to guard your device. It effectively enhances the device performance by cleaning junk files, Phone Boosting, RAM Cleaning, and much more.

This is it Bhagoo YHA so 😊.

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